The best in animal care since 1892.

Absorbine is born

Mary Ida and Wilbur F. Young, two animal lovers, channel their knowledge of horses and herbal remedies into creating a product that humanely treats sore and lame horses. The legendary Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment is born.


Coca-Cola is incorporated


Standing behind our products

When your name is on a product like Wilbur F. Young, you have to support it every way you can, including in advertising.


Pain relief for people

Wilbur F. Young Jr. suggests that Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment be sold in stores for people. They call it “Absorbine Jr.®


First powered flight

The Wright brothers accomplish the first powered flight.


Educating horse owners

Absorbine®‘s commitment to horse care goes beyond providing great products. Education also plays a big role, as evidenced by this early pamphlet.


A brief pause

All medical-grade alcohol is sequestered by the U.S. Government in preparation for the country’s entry into World War I. As alcohol is the base for Absorbine® liniment, W. F. Young is put out of business briefly, but came back quickly to support our cavalry at war.


Australian Waler Horse

The Australian Waler Horse is employeed as part of what’s considered the last great mounted cavalry.


A founder passes

Wilbur F. Young dies in Missouri at age 54. Wilbur F. Young Jr. becomes president of the company at 20 years old.


Word War I ends


Red Sox win

Red Sox defeat Cubs for their last World Series win until 2004.


Formalizing the business

The company is incorporated, changing its name from W. F. Young, P.D.F. to W. F. Young, Inc.


Our first general manager

Harry Caswell is named general manager. Harry was essential in manufacturing to the fledgleing company. He stayed with Absorbine for over forty years to help Wilbur F. Young II and then Mary Ida run the company.


What is “P.D.F.”?

“Papa’s Darn Fool” or “Proprietary Drug Formula?” The true meaning of “P.D.F.” remains a mystery.


Often imitated, never duplicated

From “Arobine” to “Rub-Ine,” “Penetrene” to “Robene,” the success of Absorbine® liniment leads to many imitators.


“Jr.” passes

During a trip that is hoped to cure him of a respiratory illness, Wilbur Young Jr. passes away in Bermuda at age 30.


First sliced bread sold

The first sliced bread is packaged and sold.


A new president

Mary Ida Young Formal portrait

Mary Ida Young takes over as president, commissioning medical studies to prove Absorbine Jr.®‘s efficacy to a newly minted Food and Drug Administration.


Moving and growing

The company moves into the Lyman Street location in Springfield, MA. Manufacturing capacity increases with growing demand.


Supporting our soldiers

America joins World War II and Absorbine Jr.® is included in American soldiers’ gear to battle “Trench Foot.”


Creating goodwill

Sadie Stephenson Young, Mary Ida and Wilbur’s daughter, is named president. “Aunt Sally,” as she’s known within the company, creates much goodwill for W. F. Young through her many charitable efforts.


Experimenting with new products

The strength of the Absorbine® name leads to some interesting brand extensions, including Absorbreath Antispeptic Mouthwash and Gargle.


Adding hoof care

Knowing the importance of caring for horses from the ground up, Absorbine® introduces Hooflex® Original Hoof Conditioner, the first of many Hooflex® products to come.


An evolving portfolio

Through the years, Absorbine® has constantly updated its product line to better meet the evolving needs of horse owners.


A Triple Crown endorsement

Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment, a favorite product of famed trainer Lucien Laurin, is promoted in a series of ads featuring Mr. Laurin and Secretariat the year they win the Triple Crown.


Fly bonnet of the stars

The Absorbine® fly bonnet is sold in packaging featuring the image and endorsement of actor and former rodeo cowboy Slim Pickens.


A new generation of leadership

W. F. Young III, known as “Bill,” is named president. After piloting airplanes in the Pacific Theater during World War II, Bill makes it a point to learn every position in the company. He expands the horse care line and introduces the “Dab-O-Matic” applicator for Absorbine Jr.® Sales surge.


Helping horses look their best

The First ShowSheen

Expanding into grooming products, Absorbine® brings to market ShowSheen®—including ShowSheen® Hair Polish & Detangler, which goes on to become the world’s #1 detangler and grooming aid.


Evolving fly control

Absorbine® Flyshield helps set the stage for the outstanding fly control products to come.


A passing and a beginning

W. F. Young III passes away after suffering a heart attack. Paul Mehrtens is named president.


The fourth generation

Tyler F. Young

Tyler F. Young is named president. A fourth-generation member of the founding family, Tyler is pivotal in turning around a momentarily rudderless W. F. Young.


A killer beginning

The first UltraShield® fly control product is launched, eventually becoming a full line of products to help owners protect their horses from a wide range of pests.


Celebrating our centennial

W. F. Young celebrates its centennial. To help celebrate, third-generation family member Jamie Young drives an Absorbine® wagon in the local St. Patrick’s Day parade.


Adding a legendary liniment

Bigeloil family with Gel

Bigeloil® Liniment, a well-known name in the racing community, is acquired by W. F. Young.


The company names a new president

Adam Raczkowski is named president after serving as the Executive VP/COO. His background in accounting and mastery of finance underpin W.F. Young’s steady growth over his 20+ years, and counting.


Another milestone

W. F. Young celebrates its 120th anniversary.


Narrowing our focus

To help the company better focus on its expanding animal care product lines, W. F. Young sells its two “human care” product lines, Absorbine Jr.® and CharcoCaps®.


Absorbine® Pet Care debuts

Expanding on its founders’ commitment to caring for horses, W. F. Young launches a line of high-quality pet care products, beginning with grooming and flea and tick control products for dogs.


A new president with a history of success

Chris Jacobi, a renowned leader with a wealth of experience in the animal health industry, is named W. F. Young president.


More leather care

To help riders enhance and protect their investment in tack and other leather goods, W. F. Young purchases Leather Therapy®, a full line of innovative leather care products.


Expanding our supplements

As part of its ongoing commitment to offering products that support animal health, W. F. Young acquires The Missing Link® line of supplements.


A new standard of protection

Drawing inspiration from the human sports world, Absorbine® sets a new standard with an all-new design of the UltraShield® Fly Mask.