Absorbine® Introduces The Mitt®

Is your pile of dirty towels from the barn bigger than the pile of dirty towels from your teenagers? W. F. Young, Inc., makers of Absorbine® horse care products, has the answer: The Mitt®.

The Mitt is a patented fabric "mitten" that fits over your hand, with a protective sleeve that extends partway up the arm. Its protective waterproof lining prohibits liquids from reaching your skin, while the soft, smooth exterior fabric means The Mitt can be used on your horse’s most delicate areas such as the head, ears and lower legs.

If you have a "sprayer-sensitive" horse, you can spray a product onto The Mitt and then wipe it on the horse’s body – no more sprayer trauma! Although often used to apply fly repellents, The Mitt works equally well as a grooming tool. For example, wipe your horse with The Mitt as a final step in your grooming routine to pick up any last bits of dust and dirt. Or try wiping your horse with The Mitt after applying ShowSheen® Hair Polish for an even brighter shine. The Mitt also works well for cleaning tack.

When you’re done, The Mitt folds into the protective sleeve for neat, easy storage. It can be hand washed as needed – and won’t pile up like those towels. The Mitt is available in two sizes: the large size for adults and Miss Mitt® for smaller hands.

W. F. Young has provided quality horse care products to the equine industry since 1892, when founders Wilbur Fenelon Young and his wife Mary Ida developed Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment to treat their horses’ sore muscles and joints. That flagship product continues to be the number one horse liniment worldwide, while the Absorbine name has grown to include other top selling products such as ShowSheen®, UltraShield®, Hooflex® and more. Based in western Massachusetts as it has been for most of its history, the company remains committed to providing the highest quality horse care products available. Visit www.absorbine.com for more information.