Absorbine® Partners with The American Riding Instructors Association To Conduct a Flex+® Trial

August 23, 2006

W. F. Young, Inc., marketers of the Absorbine® line of equine health care products, is partnering "flex30_pellets"with the American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA) to conduct a trial with their proven joint supplement, Flex+®

Over seventy ARIA members are volunteering to use Flex+® pellets for ninety days.  Initial feedback is positive including palatability and packaging highlights.  All participants stated that their horse ate the supplement without hesitation, a challenge for some competing supplements.  One participant stated that her horse “ate it like it was candy.”  All participants approved the packaging, stating the importance of a tight lid to keep barn pests and even a pet goat away. 

To learn more about Flex+, please visit  www.absorbine.com/absorbine/flex .

Check back mid-September to review up-to-date ARIA trial results.