Absorbine® Sponsors Equine Extremist Tommie Turvey

Industry Trick Rider and Entertainer Trusts W.F. Young Products
July 25, 2007

East Longmeadow, MA (July 25, 2007) – Horse enthusiasts from around the country have come to "tommy-turvey"expect the unexpected from Tommie Turvey. With the help of his talented, four-legged partners, this Equine Extremist thrills fans night-after-night with an action-packed show full of comedy, risky Roman Riding and cutting-edge performances. Turvey has also put his famous name behind Absorbine® products – a brand established 115 years ago by Wilbur F. Young. W.F. Young, Inc. is still owned and operated by the Young family. 

“W.F. Young has provided people – and their horses – with reliable, quality products people can count on,” said Turvey. “Absorbine products keep both my horses and me feeling good in the show ring and on the road.”

Turvey was born into a life with horses. He is a second-generation horse trainer, raised on a horse ranch in California. As the only boy, Turvey and his sisters grew up riding gymkhana under the influence and guidance of their father – a professional rodeo cowboy, stuntman, actor and Marine Corps veteran. It was during these early years that Turvey was first introduced to Absorbine products.

“My dad always used Absorbine products,” said Turvey. “Originally, I would buy anything, until I learned about how Absorbine products benefit the horse.”

At 18, Turvey began his career in entertainment by landing a job with the dinner theater Medieval Times in Florida. From there he moved down the road to work for the Arabian Nights Dinner Theater for three years. In addition, Turvey worked on the Wild West Show in France, toured with a circus and has performed all over the world in his extreme shows at horse expos, rodeos, fairs and numerous shows. He has been featured in various films and television commercials, including one for W.F. Young’s Absorbine Jr.® – a topical pain relief product for humans.

“We are honored to have Tommie as a spokesperson for Absorbine,” said Tyler F. Young, President and CEO of W.F. Young, Inc. “Our company is thrilled to be celebrating 115 years in the equine industry and we’re proud to be associated with Tommie – a role model and a positive example for horse enthusiasts everywhere. His unique horsemanship skills combined with his uplifting personality are an inspiration to all and a perfect fit for our products.”

When Turvey is performing he uses horses from many different disciplines and breeds to accomplish thrilling acts from trick riding to Roman Riding. Particularly important to the show are his trusted paint horses – Pokerjoe, Joker and Ace. Turvey relies on Absorbine’s products – especially ShowClean® Mane and Tail Whitener – to keep these black and white horses clean and show ready.

“Many whitening shampoos on the market contain dyes,” said Turvey. “They can stain my hands, which I can’t have before a show. The ShowClean® Mane and Tail Whitener is not abrasive and does a great job in keeping my horses clean.”

Other products Turvey uses to keep his horses looking and feeling their best are Absorbine’s various fly spray products, such as Bug Block® or UltraShield® EX. He also advises horse owners to use products with sun protection, such as Santa Fe™ Coat Conditioner, which helps his horses maintain their rich black coloring. In addition, Turvey praises Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel, which he uses on himself to help with his aches and pains.

When Turvey is not on the road performing, he is at home at Double G Farms in Sterling, Illinois. There he spends his time training his own horses and giving lessons and clinics. In addition, when he is not with his horses, he does other extreme sports such as sky diving, hang gliding, and scuba diving. Although all of these have their own risks, none he feels are as intense as the work he does on horseback.

“You have to be extremely focused with the horses,” said Turvey. “To be an equine extremist it is about pushing yourself to the outermost limit to be the best that you can be. It’s about taking risks and acknowledging those risks. When a horse or two are added it is critical to stay focused on them.”

Tommie Turvey is an athlete, trainer and performer. His shows are the real deal – combining comedy, thrills, artistry and the fundamentals of horsemanship – as he does what he loves to do – entertain. To him nothing matters but the audience and, of course, the well being of his horses.

“All I care about is that people leave my show feeling inspired to go home and ride,” said Turvey. “They don’t need to try the tricks on their own, just go ride.”

Marketed by W.F. Young, Inc., Absorbine products are available nationwide and internationally in tack shops, farm supply stores, and catalogs. Founded in 1892, W.F. Young, Inc., is celebrating 115 years of producing quality health care products for the equine industry. From their headquarters in East Longmeadow, MA, the company is committed to extending this heritage into the new century. For a dealer near you, or for more information, visit www.absorbine.com.

For more information on Equine Extremist Tommie Turvey, or to find out when he is coming to a town near you, visit www.equineextremist.net.