Equine America® Helps Brings Horses to Heroes with Donation to The All-Glory Project.

East Longmeadow, Mass., August 13, 2012 – Military servicemen and women—and their families—continue to make tremendous sacrifices for the United States. What we sometimes forget is that the physical and emotional effects of war are everlasting. Many military veterans require ongoing support and therapy for years to come, and healing comes from many sources—including horses.

W. F. Young, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of Equine America® and Absorbine® horse care products, is currently donating a portion of the sales proceeds from its Equine America product line to The All Glory Project. The funds will benefit the nonprofit organization, whose mission is to promote, foster, and support programs that utilize animal-assisted therapies in aiding wounded military veterans and their families.

“Equine-assisted therapies are shown to be one of the most effective types of therapy,” said Elizabeth Shatner, Founder and President, The All Glory Project. “In our experience, military veterans see near-immediate benefits. On an emotional level, a relationship with a horse can lead to improvements in self-confidence, communication, and an overall sense of happiness. For those who have been physically wounded, riding horses can help improve balance, strength, flexibility, and posture.”

Established in 2010, The All Glory Project has already supported several equine-assisted therapy programs throughout the United States, including: Central Kentucky Riding for Hope’s “Equine Services for Heroes” program; BraveHearts Veterans Program in Illinois; as well as Queen of Hearts Service for Heroes in California.

“Supporting The All Glory Project gives our company a way to say thank you for the sacrifices these soldiers have made serving our country,” said Jaime McKinley, Vice President of Marketing and New Business Development for W. F. Young. “We understand the power of the relationship between humans and horses, and it’s wonderful to see that opportunity extended to these soldiers and their families.”

A share of the proceeds from the 2012 sales of the following Equine America products will be donated to The All Glory Project:

  • Training & Performance—More Muscle®, Pro-Pell, So-Kalm®, Shoer’s Friend®
  • Recovery—B-L® Comfort & Recovery Support, Gluco-Flex®
  • Skin & Coat Care—Fungasol®, Citronella Shampoo

Developed to provide horse owners with quality products at an affordable price, Equine America products help support keeping horses healthy and feeling their best before, during, and after training and competition. Equine America products are made in the U.S.A.

“The horse world is often divided into parts, such as show horses, working horses, and pleasure horses,” said Karl Gustav Lindstrom, Chief Operations Officer, The All Glory Project. “The All Glory Foundation seeks to bring all of the various groups to common ground. Supporting soldiers is a cause that everyone can get behind.”

The All Glory Project is a non-profit affiliate of 501(c)(3) Dream Catcher of L.A. Therapeutic Riding Centers. For more information about The All Glory Project, visit www.allgloryproject.com. To purchase Equine America online, or to find a farm store or tack shop near you, visit www.equineamerica.com.

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