Hooflex® Magic Cushion® Eases Hooves Into Winter

Trusted hoof packing from Absorbine® aids in the transition to going barefoot, and can help relieve sore hooves all winter long.

East Longmeadow, MA – As it grows colder and activity level slows, it is a common recommendation among veterinarians and farriers to remove a horse’s shoes in the winter, if the horse’s hoof health and conformation allow for it. The benefits of going barefoot include increased circulation to the hoof, which in turn produces stronger, healthier hooves. However, a horse who is accustomed to the protection that shoes provide the sole is likely to experience initial discomfort when allowed to go barefoot. Using Hooflex® Magic Cushion® can help to calm soreness and inflammation in the sole and frog, supporting hoof health throughout the winter.

The risk for sole bruising, concussion, and trauma are heightened when a newly exposed sole is faced with the hard, frozen winter ground. Feet may be particularly sensitive for up to a week after the removal of shoes, and it is important to take measures to protect them from the threats that winter conditions present. An excellent practice is to pack soles with Magic Cushion nightly during the first week without shoes, wrapping the foot to keep the hoof packing in place. The soothing natural ingredients can help relieve initial soreness after shoe removal, easing the transition to going barefoot. As the winter progresses, regular use of Magic Cushion is proven to help relieve the symptoms associated with hoof concussion and trauma that frozen ground can cause.

Maintaining hoof care through the winter months is essential. Trusted by top farriers, Magic Cushion calms soreness and inflammation throughout the sole and frog, for your horse’s comfort all winter long. To find out where you can purchase Magic Cushion in a variety of sizes, and to learn more about our complete line of Hooflex hoof care products, visit www.absorbine.com.

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