Hooflex® – Same Great Products with a New Look

Whether you’ve used Absorbine® Hooflex® since it was in the iconic green can with the almost-impossible to pry off metal lid, or have discovered it in one of its more recent incarnations such as Hooflex All Natural Dressing and Hooflex Natural Spray, you know that Hooflex products provide quality hoof care and address a wide range of hoof problems.

Even the best products, however, have room for improvement somewhere. In the case of Hooflex, the containers and labels were in need of a “facelift” to make the products more user-friendly and easier to find on the tack store shelf. After several months of design and testing, Absorbine is proud to introduce new Hooflex labels, sizes and containers.

First in line is the granddaddy of them all – Hooflex Original Ointment. How times have changed from that old green can with the metal lid. Original Ointment now comes in a 25-ounce container with a screw-on lid; the green labels found on this and the rest of the Hooflex line-up hark back to the product’s roots. Hooflex Original Conditioner has a unique formulation with nine therapeutic ingredients. Recommended by farriers for over 70 years, Hooflex Original Conditioner helps increase hoof flexibility to prevent cracking, while helping to maintain proper moisture balance and pliability of the entire hoof.

Hooflex Original Liquid, which contains ingredients and benefits similar to Hooflex Original Ointment, now comes in a 15-ounce container with screw-on cap and built-in applicator brush.

Hooflex All Natural Dressing, which comes in liquid form, helps support healthy hoof growth with strictly natural ingredients including tea tree, comfrey and arnica. These ingredients help promote healthy shiny hooves without artificial chemicals or dyes. Hooflex All Natural Dressing is now available in the same 15-ounce container and cap/applicator brush as Hooflex Original Liquid. The Original Liquid has an orange cap, while the All Natural Dressing has a green cap.

Hooflex Natural Spray, the newest member of the family, comes in a 5-ounce non-aerosol continuous spray container. This first-of-its-kind hoof conditioner applicator sprays from any angle, even upside down. It’s especially great for competition because the small size packs easily and the continuous spray allows for a quick, neat application just before you enter the ring.

Hooflex Thrush Remedy, available in a 12-ounce squeeze bottle, kills bacteria and fungi and eliminates the foul odor associated with thrush infection. It is extremely effective in dealing with White Line Disease. Hooflex Thrush Remedy will not sting, stain, or dry out the hoof and does not contain formaldehyde. The convenient squeeze bottle allows for one-handed application and can reach deep into the frog where thrush organisms breed.

W. F. Young, Inc. has provided quality horse care products to the equine industry since 1892, when founders Wilbur Fenelon Young and his wife Mary Ida developed Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment to treat their horses’ sore muscles and joints. That flagship product continues to be the number one horse liniment worldwide, while the Absorbine name has grown to include other top selling products such as ShowSheen®, UltraShield®, Hooflex® and more. Based in western Massachusetts as it has been for most of its history, the company remains committed to providing the highest quality horse care products available. Visit www.absorbine.com for more information.