Hunter Trainer Peter Pletcher’s PJP Farm Wins Absorbine® Stall Safe® Tack Room Award at the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival

Wellington, FL- It was attention to detail that helped distinguished hunter trainer Peter Pletcher, and "peter_pletcher"his PJP Farm, win the Absorbine® Stall Safe® Tack Room Award at the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival during the second week of the show’s circuit. The Stall Safe Award is presented weekly to a stabling area that is visually attractive, well thought out in design, and safe for horses.

"It was unexpected, but very nice to be noticed," said Pletcher, who was happy to receive the Absorbine Stall Safe basket overflowing with products from Absorbine. "We usually go to California each year. This is our first time at WEF."

Pletcher, whose PJP farm is located in Magnolia, Texas, is a world champion hunter trainer, having captured the Monarch International Professional World Championship Hunter Rider title three times. Pletcher, who has won hunter championships at every major horse show in the country, brought 32 horses and ponies to Wellington.

The PJP Farm stabling area caught the eye of the Stall Safe spotter not only because of its beautiful landscaping, teak furniture and savvy equestrian décor, but also because of the area’s attention to detail. In the PJP stabling area, Pletcher’s team thought of every detail necessary for the safety and comfort of both horses and riders.

Absorbine Stall Safe is also committed to the safety and comfort of horses and riders, including keeping stalls and horse areas virus and bacteria free. A disinfectant and sanitizer for stalls, stables, trailers and utensils, Stall Safe can be used wherever a horse is likely to come in contact with harmful and life threatening bacteria and viruses. It is also safe for use in dog kennels.

Stall Safe has been shown to be effective in guarding against Equine Herpes Virus Type 1 and Equine Influenza A Virus. It is an easy-to-use alternative to commonly-used chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, iodine, and pine cleaners.

Pletcher was excited to win the Stall Safe Award which is judged by an Absorbine spotter who visits the stabling areas at WEF each week in search of award winning tack rooms that have found their inner equestrian interior decorator. For more information on Stall Safe, visit the Absorbine website at