Jane Fennessy’s Carriage Hill Farms Wins Absorbine® Stall Safe® Tack Room Award

Wellington, FL– The riders and trainers at Jane Fennessy’s Carriage Hill Farms stayed warm during Florida’s February cold snap thanks to a beautiful fireplace set up in their stabling area at the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival. The fireplace, along with lush tropical foliage and bubbling fountains, helped Carriage Hill Farms win the Absorbine® Stall Safe® Tack Room Award during the fifth week of the world-class show.

Even though Fennessy’s Carriage Hill Farms is located on Winners Circle in Delray Beach, it was their stabling area at WEF that put them in the winner’s circle this time and helped them win the Stall Safe Award. The Stall Safe Award is presented weekly to a stabling area at WEF that is visually attractive, well thought out in design and safe for horses.

The quaint cottage built over the stabling area at Carriage Hill Farms caught the eye of the Stall Safe Spotter. Carriage Hill’s stabling area is not only a functional and safe set up for horses, but is also user friendly for all their riders ranging from pony kids to adult amateurs. While the stabling area is a serious show set up, the relaxing homey feel, complete with tropical foliage, fountains and flowers, gave Carriage Hill Farms’ "home away from home" an award winning feeling.

"We spend so much time at the show that we like to have everyone feel comfortable," said Vinissa Blann, one of the Carriage Hill Farms trainers. "We have a fireplace and a flat screen TV. The fathers come to the horse show on the weekend and are able to watch football on the TV."

Carriage Hill Farms beautiful stabling area is a reflection of Fennessy’s hard work over the years, including being named Trainer of the Year several times as well as producing numerous Zone 4 Champions. Carriage Hill is also home to champions who are nationally top-ranked and compete at Devon, Harrisburg, Washington, Nationals and at WEF.

Fennessy was thrilled to win the Absorbine basket, and the long-time trainer said she was certainly a big fan of Absorbine. The prize basket includes a variety of Absorbine products, including Absorbine Stall Safe, a product committed to the safety and comfort of horses and riders by helping to keep stalls and horse areas virus and bacteria free. A disinfectant and sanitizer for stalls, stables, trailers and utensils, Stall Safe can be used wherever a horse is likely to come in contact with harmful and life threatening bacteria and viruses. It is also safe for use in dog kennels.

Stall Safe has been shown to be effective in guarding against Equine Herpes Virus Type 1 and Equine Influenza A Virus. It is an easy-to-use alternative to commonly used chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, iodine, and pine cleaners.

The Stall Safe Award is given weekly by an Absorbine spotter who visits the stabling areas at WEF each week in search of award winning tack rooms that have found their inner equestrian interior decorator. For more information on Stall Safe, visit the Absorbine website at www.absorbine.com.