New Easy-to-Apply Ache and Pain Relief

June 26, 2007

So you are not a traditional athlete, but you need ache and pain relief just the same? “Yes,” you "ultra_spray"say, “active adults need ache and pain relief, too.” Activities such as ballroom dancing, bowling, riding horses, and yard sports are gaining popularity. And they take a toll on your body just the same as football, basketball, or soccer.

If you are an active adult seeking “non-physical” therapy for your “non-traditional” sports, look no further. You don’t have to rely on traditional pain relief remedies like medications, ointments, hot whirlpools and massage that traditional athletes use. W. F. Young, Inc., marketers of the Absorbine Jr. line of external analgesic products, recently announced its new Absorbine Jr. Ultra Strength pain Relieving Spray. The formula contains 12 percent natural menthol along with a proprietary blend of herbal extracts to penetrate deep into injured tissue to help relieve sore, stiff muscles, backaches, and arthritis pain.

Easy to apply, Absorbine Jr. Ultra Strength Pain Relieving Spray is packaged with a unique sprayer that works at any angle, even upside down. This allows for ease of use on hard-to-reach areas, something that is in demand.

"All of our Absorbine Jr. products have an extremely loyal user base, says Jaime D. McKinley, spokesperson for W. F. Young, Inc. “New Absorbine Jr. Ultra Strength Pain Relieving Spray is the answer to customer requests for a strong, hands-free solution to their hard-to-reach areas of muscle and arthritis pain. 

There is no need to worry about any unpleasant medicated odors either. The non-drip, fast drying liquid has a light, pleasant fragrance that you will be happy to wear.

W. F. Young, Inc. is celebrating its 115th anniversary in 2007. The company, which had its start making veterinary products, has more than a century of experience as a manufacturer of external analgesics for humans. For more information about the company and its pain relief products, visit