Simple Grooming Advice to Help Horse Owners Combat Winter Grime

Absorbine® Offers a Solution for Maintaining Healthy, Shiny Coats

East Longmeadow, MA (September 30, 2008) – Nearly every horse owner can imagine that moment "miracle_groom_172"of despair when they bring their horse in from the pasture – he’s got mud caked from head-to-hoof, his tail is a knotted, wet mess and it’s far too chilly for a bath. Keeping horses’ coats clean in the winter can be a daunting task for even the most expert groom. W.F. Young, Inc., the makers of Absorbine® products, offers horse owners advice for maintaining a healthy, sleek coat when a bath is not possible.

As temperatures drop, a horse’s once shiny coat can quickly turn into a thick and fuzzy dirt magnet. With a winter coat, not only does grooming present more of a challenge, but other ailments such as weight loss, wounds and skin infections are more difficult to detect. Simply running a curry comb or stiff brush over a horse in the winter may not be enough to maintain healthy skin and prevent irritations such as scratches or rain rot.

A dirty, wet hair coat provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Horse owners should perform a vigorous, total body curry daily – the first step to maintaining a healthy hair coat. The currying helps to lift any dirt and debris to the surface, while enabling the groomer to feel for any unusual bumps or hair clumps that may indicate a skin condition. However, as dirt tends to cling to the hair follicles, just raising it to the surface may not be enough to remove it completely. Absorbine offers a solution with Miracle Groom® – a 5-in-1 product that cleans, conditions, deodorizes, detangles and shines in just one, easy application. Featuring a natural blend of vitamin E and vanilla, this product effectively cleans and nourishes the coat while it protects the hair’s essential oils.

"Maintaining a healthy coat while preventing skin irritations is important all year, but can become imperative in seasons when excessive wetness from snow or rain and mud are an issue," said Tyler F. Young, CEO of W.F. Young, Inc. "Miracle Groom offers a simple and cost-effective solution for those situations when grooming seems like a battle that can’t be won."

Incorporating Miracle Groom as part of a horse’s daily routine helps maintain a bright and shiny coat without leaving behind a greasy residue that may cause a saddle to slip. When sprayed directly on a brush it easily wipes away pesky dust and dandruff that gets trapped in the long winter coat or under a blanket. Miracle Groom acts essentially as a "bath in a bottle" – requiring no water or additional soap – which makes it a great tool for a thorough cleaning in even the coldest temperatures. As an added benefit, when used directly on horse blankets it has been known to reduce static cling.

When it comes to winter grooming, horse owners should take a proactive approach to preventing scratches. Scratches are skin inflammations that often occur on the back of horses’ pasterns from dirt buildup or wetness. Horse owners can look out for the beginning signs of scratches by checking their horses’ lower legs for any redness or scurf. Thoroughly cleaning and drying the horse’s legs is a good preventative measure. Miracle Groom can be used to keep horses’ legs clean and scratches free.

Manes and tails should not be neglected in the daily grooming. If horse owners keep their horse’s tail up, it should be let down at least every 10 to 14 days. Miracle Groom acts as a detangler to help ease combing and reduce strand breakage. It also helps keep the tail clean. Absorbine also offers an assortment of other grooming products, including ShowSheen® Moisturizing Detangler that works well to keep manes and tails healthy and shiny.

Marketed by W.F. Young, Inc., Absorbine products are available nationwide in tack shops, farm supply stores and catalogs. Founded in 1892, W.F. Young, Inc. has produced quality health care products for the equine industry for over a century. From their headquarters in East Longmeadow, MA, the company is committed to extending this heritage into the new century. For a dealer near you, or for more information, visit