UltraShield® Green Proven Effective in Repelling Ticks

Lab testing confirms Ultrashield® Green performs at a high standard against dog and deer ticks

East Longmeadow, MA – UltraShield® Green has always offered horse owners a natural option in fly repellents that is eco-safe for the entire family and the environment. With the ability to repel and control biting flies, mosquitos, and gnats for up to eight hours, it is a natural product in which horse owners can put their confidence. Now, Absorbine® Research & Development is pleased to announce that UltraShield Green has also been proven effective in repelling ticks, which can pose a significant threat to equine health and well-being.

The effectiveness of UltraShield Green as a natural tick repellent was determined by an independent study conducted in 2014 by i2L Research USA Inc. In the study, UltraShield Green demonstrated a high degree of standard compliance and supported its claims in terms of quality and effectiveness. The formula proved to be 100% effective against dog ticks, and on average was 83% effective against deer ticks. Additionally, UltraShield Green maintained its ability to repel biting flies, mosquitoes, and gnats for up to 8 hours.

Offering an effective, eco-safe solution when it comes to protecting horses from ticks and flies is a task to which Absorbine has given high priority. “The results of the laboratory testing that UltraShield Green underwent reveal the high quality of the formula, and confirm it to be an excellent natural option for tick repellency as well as fly repellency,” says Jaime McKinley, Vice President, New Business Development. “The performance of the product meets Absorbine’s high expectations in terms of effectiveness, and satisfies a need for a natural option in equine pest control.”

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