UltraShield® Offers Flexible Fly Control in Tough Conditions

Wet conditions in the springtime suggest a difficult fly season is ahead

East Longmeadow, MA – The harsh winter that brought copious amounts of snow in many parts of the country may have melted away, but the resulting damp, mucky conditions leave horse owners with a problem that is drawing near: fly season. Wet, muddy conditions in the spring promise a productive breeding season for horse flies, barn flies, gnats, mosquitos, ticks, and several other insect species that pose a threat to the comfort and well-being of horses. With four distinct fly control options, UltraShield® products from Absorbine® offer horse owners the ability to rotate their fly sprays depending on the weather, insect intensity, and the horse’s activity level, for our most effective fly control possible.

UltraShield® EX offers our most advanced protection designed for the most challenging conditions. The weatherproof, sweat-resistant formula provides up to 17 days of protection, as it kills and repels biting and nuisance flies, mosquitos, ticks, and gnats. The formula contains multiple sunscreens to extend repellent effectiveness, and coat conditioners including aloe and lanolin. As our best-selling fly spray, UltraShield® EX promises effective fly control in the toughest conditions.

UltraShield® Red provides effective 24/7 pest protection, that delivers broad-spectrum control with a combination of five active ingredients. This formula is ideal for turnout, training, and trail rides under normal conditions. Its repellency stays active for up to 7 days, with the ability to kill biting and nuisance flies, mosquitos, and ticks.

UltraShield® Sport is ideal for wet and humid conditions, as its sweat- and weather-resistant formula offers protection against biting and nuisance flies, including mosquitos that may transmit West Nile Virus. The formula keeps working through rain and sweat, staying active for up to 14 days.

UltraShield® Green is an eco-safe formula for the entire family and the environment. This natural fly repellent is proven to work up to 8 hours to control biting flies, mosquitos, and gnats. The natural formula contains 7 essential oils known for their repellent qualities, and smells great and leaves coat shiny.

With these four different fly control options, horse owners can feel prepared for the season ahead. "We know that as conditions change, so do our customers’ needs for fly control," says Bert McMahon, Corporate Vice President of Sales at W.F. Young, Inc. "The four UltraShield® formulations give our customers a wide range of protection options for use in tough conditions." As sunshine, springtime rain, and thawing temperatures bring the bugs back in full force, it is essential to have a pest control system in place at the barn. UltraShield® fly sprays offer protection to help keep horses comfortable throughout the warm months.

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