UltraShield® Red Insecticide & Repellent Helps Protect Horses from Disease-Spreading Flies

Broad spectrum formula effective in drought-like conditions that are conducive to the spread of pigeon fever via biting flies

East Longmeadow, Mass., August 20, 2012 -With drought-like conditions affecting several regions of the United States, Absorbine® recognizes the particular needs of horse owners in hot, dry climates. The development of UltraShield® Red Insecticide & Repellent offers broad-spectrum protection against fly activity, including that of drought-affected areas. Its effectiveness against biting flies is potentially assisting in the prevention of the equine disease pigeon fever.

Pigeon fever, also known as dryland or drought distemper, is an equine disease common in hot, dry areas of the country in which the bacteria Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis is spread from horse to horse primarily through fly activity. Usually, the infection enters through wounds and abrasions when a fly carrying the bacteria bites the exposed flesh. Symptoms include a mild fever, and abscesses that occur most typically on the chest, causing swelling that resembles a “pigeon-breast.” Abscesses can also occur on the belly, neck, face, and legs, with very rare, serious cases affecting the lungs, kidneys, or liver.

The disease has been notoriously prevalent in California and Texas. However, widespread drought affecting the country this summer has been cause for the disease to infect horses in the eastern part of the country as well, with cases recorded in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Florida.

With no vaccination currently available for the disease, fly control becomes a crucial method of prevention. “The growing concern over pigeon fever has led horse owners to turn extra attention toward protecting their horses from flies,” says Bert McMahon, Corporate Vice President of Sales at W. F. Young, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of Absorbine products. “UltraShield has been an effective and trusted fly control solution for years.”

UltraShield Red, one of the latest additions to the UltraShield family, offers protection from biting flies such as horn flies, house flies, and stable flies, which are often abundant in hot, dry climates. Prolonged drought has been particularly conducive to the spread of pigeon fever via biting flies, and the effectiveness of UltraShield Red against such flies may help prevent the spread of disease. The spray’s broad spectrum control, created through a combination of five active ingredients, delivers long-lasting fly protection, staying active for up to seven days. Three of the active ingredients, Permethrin, Tetramethrin, and Cypermethrin, maintain their effectiveness during prolonged exposure to intense sunlight, making the fly spray particularly durable. The use of this fly spray on horses could reduce the chance of infection via fly bites.

“We know that as the weather, pest protection needs, and horses’ activity levels change, so do our customers’ needs for fly control,” said McMahon. “The four UltraShield formulations – UltraShield EX, UltraShield Green, and now UItraShield Red and UltraShield Sport – give our customers a wider range of protection options for use in even the toughest conditions.”

To purchase UltraShield Red online, and to learn more about the complete line of UltraShield fly control products, visit www.absorbine.com.

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