W.F. Young Introduces Absorbine Botanicals™ Natural Herbal Liniment

A new, cooling blend of 12 herbs and essential oils revolutionizes the liniment category

East Longmeadow, MA – When it comes to soothing sore muscles and tendons, horse owners have trusted Absorbine® liniments since 1892. Now, the muscle and joint care experts at W.F. Young have used that 120 years of knowledge and expertise to develop an exciting new formula: Absorbine Botanicals™. Absorbine Botanicals Natural Herbal Liniment contains a blend of 12 soothing herbs and essential oils, to help calm and comfort tired muscles, leaving horses feeling relaxed and refreshed. Absorbine Botanicals comes in two formulations to pamper horses: an economical body rinse, and a convenient, drip-free massage foam.

Absorbine Botanicals™ Body Rinse is a super concentrated formula; one 8.5 fl. oz. bottle makes 24 gallons. The rinse gently cools sore muscles and tendons after workouts, leaving horses feeling refreshed and relaxed. The herbal blend including lavender and rosemary creates soothing aromatherapy, and the rinse will leave skin and coat conditioned with a healthy shine. The hook top makes for convenient storage in the wash rack, and the bottle is calibrated to make measuring easy.

Absorbine Botanicals™ Massage Foam is gentle and fun to use, and the drip-free foam ensures that there is no waste. This formula is ideal for targeted application to the legs, and it is mild enough to be used under all types of wraps. Using the foam as a massage aid will comfort and soothe without chilling large muscles, creating a relaxing experience for the horse with the added benefit of aromatherapy.

Absorbine Botanicals™ offer horse owners a new, gentle way to provide their companions comfort using a liniment, whether they are rewarding their horses after a good ride, or bonding over a thorough grooming. The mild formula and natural blend of 12 herbs and essential oils is a product horse owners can feel good about when applying, and the calming scent makes for a pleasant user experience.

Expanding the liniment category is a step that W.F. Young feels to be necessary for the equine health care industry, and beneficial for horses and their owners. “Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment is widely recognized as the grandfather of the equine liniment category, long trusted by horse owners to be a dependable product when it comes to soothing muscles and joints,” says Jaime McKinley, Vice President, New Business Development. “But horse liniments have seen few innovations or improvements over the years. Recognizing the changing needs of customers, we developed Absorbine Botanicals™ as a refreshing new option on the liniment shelf, backed by our 120 years of expertise and exciting innovation.”

To learn more about new Absorbine Botanicals™, and to find a retailer near you, visit www.absorbine.com.

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