W.F. Young Introduces Absorbine® Fungasol®

A new skin solution system helps treat fungal and bacterial conditions with proven ingredients and added Biopolysan® booster

East Longmeadow, MA – Building on its trusted line of Absorbine® skin and coat care products, W.F. Young, Inc. introduces Fungasol®, a skin solution system to help treat fungal and bacterial conditions on horses. The shampoo, spray, and ointment contain therapeutic ingredients plus the addition of revolutionary Biopolysan® booster, proven to boost the effectiveness of the formula. This new Fungasol technology combats germs that cause equine skin conditions.

Formerly Equine America® Fungasol®, the topical preparation has been improved under the Absorbine name with the advancement of Biopolysan booster, a patented technology derived from coconuts. Proven to help treat fungal and bacterial skin conditions, Fungasol’s improved formula is effective against gram-positive and negative bacteria, some enveloped viruses, as well as some yeast and fungi. When the zone of inhibition of new Fungasol with added Biopolysan was tested, a 29% boost in activity was recorded compared to original Fungasol. The effectiveness proven in lab tests was seen in action on horses as well, as skin conditions cleared up in as little as a week in some instances.

A variety of fungal and bacterial skin conditions can be addressed using the Fungasol skin solution system, including rain rot, scratches, girth itch, ringworm, and tail rubbing. For best results, follow a three-step program of application. Start by washing affected areas with Fungasol Shampoo to gently cleanse and remove debris. Next, apply Fungasol Spray directly to problem areas to target bacteria and fungus, helping to treat the condition. Finally, apply a thin layer of Fungasol Ointment to shield and protect sensitive skin from irritation and debris. Fungasol can also help treat wound bacteria, and the formula will not sting.

The addition of Fungasol to the Absorbine line of skin and coat care products offers horse owners advanced technology that helps keep their horses looking and feeling their best. “The science behind Fungasol with added Biopolysan booster raises this product as an innovative solution that can bring horses real relief when they need it the most,” says Jaime McKinley, Vice President of New Business Development. “We are proud to bring Fungasol under the Absorbine brand, a name horse owners know they can put confidence in when it comes to the health of their animals.”

To find out where to purchase Fungasol, and to learn more about the complete line of Absorbine skin and coat care products, visit www.absorbine.com

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