Absorbine® Awards Prizes for Winning Entries in the “Giving Thanks” Facebook® Contest

Horse lovers are continuing to become "fans" of Absorbine® by joining the Absorbine Facebook® page. The lively conversation in the Discussions section and on the Wall of the page are allowing riders to talk about their horses, themselves, and how they love riding and caring for their horses.

A recent contest posed the simple question, "What do you love about riding?" A number of responses validated what we all know – that we LOVE our horses for so many reasons. First place winner Christine McGarrigle posted this entry about her life with her Arabian mare, Leah:

"I am thankful for a wonderful, understanding and caring family. Both people and equine. Last year around the coldest time of the season I received a phone call that would change the way I feel about mistreated horses. On the other line I was told about an Arabian mare that was starved and forgotten. I was told to just bring the trailer and pick her up. I never took any horse in on a whim, but when I saw her I knew I had to do something. She was just skin and bones and come to find out she was also pregnant. I didn’t tell my husband about her and when he came home he was upset. We already had a small herd of horses of our own to care for and still a long winter ahead. But he looked at the mare and said she was brought to us for a reason. To this day we still have that mare and her very healthy foal. Both happy and cared for and loved with all our hearts. That’s what I am thankful for – being able to open my heart and my family’s hearts to an animal in need and find how much it really gives back."

It’s an amazing and warm story that touched the hearts of everyone at Absorbine®. For submitting this life lesson, Christine won $250 worth of Absorbine® products of her choice. Second place went to Elizabeth Psaledas and her 4-year-old mare, Rubianna. In spite of her own health challenges, Elizabeth continues to love and care for Rubianna, and she mentioned her loyalty to an array of Absorbine® products, including ShowSheen®, Hooflex® All Natural Dressing, and Antiphlogistine®. It’s certain that Elizabeth will select those items as part of her own prize.

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